Fixaderm and Eczema



No doubt about it – skin problems suck; and the skin condition eczema is no exception.

It's so important to make sure what you put on your skin will not only nourish, protect and soothe it, but the ingredients contained within it, are safe and reliable.


Having a daughter who is a chronic eczema sufferer since birth, this one is close to my heart. As a naturopath and a mother, you can imagine I’ve used anything and everything to stop my daughter feeling so irritated, inflamed and painful with eczema.


At Necessity, when we formulate products, we invest time and resources in research and development to critically evaluate the most therapeutic properties of plants and essential oils that are going to heal your skin; whatever the challenge. Each ingredient in our Fixaderm skin repair lotion has been carefully assessed for its ability to nourish, moisturise, hydrate, soothe and protect the skin. Necessity products are natural problem solvers.  


What is eczema?


Eczema is a condition that causes inflammation of the skin. This in turn causes itching, which can be incredibly severe; and in some cases, it’s accompanied with crusting, scaling, weeping, blisters and bleeding. Affected areas normally appear very dry, thickened, or scaly and scratching the skin, whilst irresistible, will ultimately make it worse.


One of the most frustrating things about having eczema is there are so many possible irritants that can cause itch and inflammation, so it can be near impossible to identify what the exact trigger is.


Anti-inflammatory creams, i.e. steroids are the prescription of choice from medical practitioners. Whilst these are very effective, they are generally recommended for short term use only and come with an array of side effects.


So what are the natural ingredients we stand behind in our Fixaderm and Bettaderm formulations? Which ingredients target dry, itchy skin and can help to heal the pain and inflammation of eczema and dermatitis?


Tea Tree Oil

Broken and injured skin is a hive for bacteria and germs which can enter our bodies and our blood streams and lead to infection. Tea Tree oil is a natural disinfectant and a natural antiseptic; which kills the bacteria that cause skin infections. Plus, tea tree oil helps to speed up the wound healing process by triggering the release of white blood cells that are critical to the healing process.


Tea tree oil is a superstar to relieve itchy skin and prevent further infection, which often happens if the skin barrier becomes weakened and exposed. Necessity Bettaderm is my number one choice here. It contains ½ the strength of Fixaderm so extremely gentle to use on little bodies, plus it contains extra plant based oils to nourish and hydrate the skin.  



Calendula is full of antioxidants. In skincare, antioxidants help to increase blood flow to affected area/s. They help to prevent infection and make it the perfect addition for inflamed skin conditions including eczema and dermatitis. Calendula has well researched and evidence-based calming, soothing and healing properties. It will work its power to prevent infection to eczema affected skin. Calendula is a fantastic choice for babies and children as it contains a type of gum like property, called mucilage that will soften the skin and the internal mucous membranes keeping skin healthy and soft.


Patchouli Oil

Patchouli essential oil will help to speed up the healing process of eczema affected skin and will also assist with scarring. This essential oil is incredible at stimulating the generation of new skin cells, helping to keep the skin looking healthy and vibrant.


Necessity Fixaderm and Bettaderm are natural, anti-inflammatory lotions that can be used as stand alone treatment, or with your


moisturiser whenever the skin has a flare up, or when it is dry and itchy.



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