Why We Use Calendula Officinalis Oil?


It’s never too early to work on an anti-ageing prevention plan for your skin. Calendula is hydrating, restorative and regenerating to the skins underlying structures. Fixaderm or Bettaderm make a perfect anti-ageing, moisturising and soothing serum to use underneath your moisturiser, as these products are easily absorbed into the skin’s surface and don’t leave an oily residue.


Healing Properties

This is probably the most common use of calendula, and why so many of us keep it close by in bathrooms, make up, travel and first aid kits. Calendula is full of flavonoid antioxidants that help to increase blood flow to the area/s, prevent infection and make it the perfect choice for cuts and scrapes and inflamed skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis.


Prevents Acne

As a preventative, calendula contains anti-bacterial compounds that help with clearing the bacteria that cause acne. If you’re an acne sufferer, you’ll also want to know that calendula can help soothe the painful irritation of acne and is fantastic at working on reducing and improving acne scarring, helping you to look and feel your confident best as quickly as possible.



Ouch……it’s not hard to spend too much time in the harsh Australian sun. The calendula contained within Fixaderm can be directly applied and gently massaged onto sunburnt skin to soothe the burn and help to prevent and minimise peeling.


New Mums and Bubs

The calendula contained in Fixaderm and Bettaderm is safe to use on the skin at any age. During pregnancy and post-birth, Bettaderm is a beautiful oil blend to help prevent and reduce stretch marks and scarring and can be used on new babies to soften and moisturise skin and help with any cradle cap or dermatitis if needed.


Anti-fungal and Antiseptic

Calendula is known to be effective and inhibiting fungal growth and infections making it a powerful first line treatment for infections such as Athlete’s Foot.


Soothe Wounds and Pain

If you’re into natural skincare then chances are you’ve seen calendula added to many skincare products and it’s calming and healing properties make it a great choice for conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and varicose veins. It works to protect wounds and ulcers from developing infections and becoming infected.

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October 22, 2019

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