Why Is Organic Skincare Better For You?

October 18, 2016

We instinctively veer towards organic skincare because we believe it is better for our skin and the environment. However, have you given a thought to the actual benefits or why organic skincare is better for you? Well, we have, and this is what we learnt.



Less Toxins For Your Skin
Your skin acts as a barrier against any harmful toxins, but if you aren’t checking the chemicals you are putting directly on your skin, then those toxins will be getting in regardless. Many of the toxins and petrochemicals used in skincare have been shown to cause cancer and other long-term problems and the more you use them, the higher the concentrates will be. Organic skincare will subsequently avoid the harmful products and replace them with the goodness and freshness of other products.

Trust the Healing Powers of Organic Products
The great thing about organic skincare is that the natural organic products and essential oils will end up directly in your body. Think of all those opportunities to enhance and protect your skin with organic goodness such as patchouli oil, calendula oil, lavender, evening primrose and coconut oil.

Organic is Better for the Environment
Organic farming has no need for synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers which have an adverse effect on our water and soil, not to mention our health. Organic means no modifications and a 100% avoidance of GMOs. They tend to avoid excess packaging and opt for biodegradable wrap wherever possible.

Organic Products Are Produced Ethically
To gain the strict certification of organic status, companies must adhere to a strict set of ethical guidelines. This means no testing on animals during any stage of the production process. All organically labelled products must also clearly state the ingredients as accurately as possible.

Organic Products Work Well
Plant based ingredients from organic products feed your skin – pure and simple. The organic ingredients which come directly from Mother Nature work together to produce healthy and happy skin. Whether essential oils, herbal extracts, vitamins or antioxidants, you are doing your skin a favour by feeding them with wholesome goodness. Not artificial ingredients required.

They are Affordable
The great news about most organic brands is that the companies backing the brands do not spend thousands or even millions of dollars on expensive marketing promotions and therefore they are sold at a relatively low price. You might have to pay a bit more than the cheapest run of the mill product on the market; however, for all that organic goodness and the host of benefits it provides, it is absolutely worth it.

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