Deodorant that Doesn’t Cause a Rash

November 11, 2016


Getting an underarm rash is quite common when you use mainstream deodorant brands. In fact, cosmetics such as deodorants are one of the leading causes of irritation and allergies.


The underarm area of the body is extremely sensitive and quite prone to skin irritation and even infection. Major deodorant and antiperspirant brands contain many irritants that can react with the underarm area causing a red, itchy and often painful rash. As the area holds much moisture and warmth, bacteria can thrive in the underarm region. Friction from clothing covering the area can often aggravate it.


An allergy to deodorant is obviously far different to a reaction to a specific deodorant. When a reaction occurs, you need to understand whether the rash is an irritation to a specific fragrance or an allergy to a specific ingredient which you need to avoid altogether in the future. Allergies can start at any age despite previous exposure to the particular product. You may need to do patch tests to determine what brands seem suitable for skin sensitivity.


Why does my mainstream deodorant cause a rash?

  • Aluminium is often one of the main contributors to rashes caused by deodorants that are combined with antiperspirants.

  • Fragrance can also be a leading cause, and as deodorants suppress body odour, they often contain large quantities of chemical fragrances to make up for it. Avoid products which mention fragrance, perfume or parfum as an ingredient.

  • Alcohol can often be a leading cause of irritation. Your skin may flare up immediately, or it can dry out over a period, breaking down the skin barrier, making your underarm more prone to infection.

  • Ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, Vitamin E and lanolin are also known to be common irritants.

Mainstream deodorants can even lead to contact dermatitis, a condition which can cause inflamed and irritated skin. If this happens, stop using your current brand of deodorant immediately. You may wish to use Fixaderm to help soothe the symptoms or even visit your doctor if the problems persist.


Opt for natural deodorants

It is recommended that you switch your deodorant brand to a more natural option, one without the chemicals that can lead to such an infection in the first place.

This is where natural deodorants like the Necessity Roll-on Deodorant can assist. Our natural roll-on deodorant is free of rash-causing aluminium and other additives, but instead nourishes the skin and works on killing bacteria that causes body odour. The unique blend of natural plant oils is both extremely gentle and effective on the skin. It makes a wonderful additional to your beauty and skin health routine and stops body odour fast in its tracks.


The reason Necessity 100% Natural Roll-on Deodorant is so effective is that it is wholly plant-oil based. This makes unnecessary the inclusion of potentially-irritating additives which are needed to stabilize water-based products, but it does mean that you need to minimize contact with clothing.  Use sparingly (it’s so effective you don’t need to use much) massage in, or wipe off, any excess, and wait a few minutes for oils to be absorbed before dressing (Just make deodorizing the first step in your toilet routine).  If, over a few months, you notice any trace of oil appearing on under-arm clothing, work in a few drops of eucalyptus oil and wash with warm/hot water. We believe that it is worth the slight risk of oil occasionally appearing on under-arm clothing to gain the huge benefits of such an effective, non-irritating, and health-promoting deodorant.

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