8 Ways to Stop Pimple Outbreaks Before Formal or Prom

November 23, 2016

8 Ways to Stop Pimple Outbreaks Before Formal or Prom

You don’t want to let a few pimples or blackheads get in the way of looking or feeling your best at your prom night or formal. To avoid a pimple outbreak, here are some simple measures to make sure you are the belle of the ball.


Limit stress

A formal or prom is one of the most exciting events you can attend as a teenager, so it is only natural that the pressure starts to mount in the weeks and days before the big night. Try to minimise your stress to avoid a pre-prom breakout by having everything ready well in advance – and that includes the dress!


Simplify your cleansing routine

If deep cleansing or exfoliation is part of your routine, then limit these a week before your dance. You don’t want to risk the chance of red or irritated skin days before your big event. A gentle cleanser and a lightweight moisturiser should do the trick.


Clean your face regularly

There is nothing better for your skin than a regular cleanse. Wash your face twice daily to ensure that it is looking its best. Also try to avoid going to sleep with your makeup still on your face, as this will set your clear skin goal back a few days.


Tone down the makeup

Try to reduce the amount of makeup you wear before the big night. This will allow your skin to breathe and stop last minute pimple outbreaks. Makeup free days are definitely recommended as much as possible.


Avoid touching your face

As difficult as it sounds, try to keep your hands off your face. If you feel a pimple coming on, don’t try to pop it. The more you keep your hands away from your face, the better, as it will limit the spread of bacteria and the chance you will irritate any sensitive spots.


Drink water

This is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. Try to cut down on dairy and sugary drinks too. Water will enable your body to flush out any nasty acne-causing toxins and keep your skin healthy from the inside out.


Stay indoors or use Fixaderm to control sun damage

The harsh UV rays from the sun can cause irritation and encourage acne outbreaks. Protect yourself from long periods of sun exposure leading up to the formal. Sunburn will not help the condition of your skin at all, so if you must go out in the sun massage Fixaderm into the skin on your forehead, face and neck. Not only can Fixaderm prevent blistering and peeling when applied after sunburn, but when applied before exposure to sun it can prevent or reduce sunburn and sun damage.


Use Zit-Stik

Keep a tube of Zit-Stik in your handbag or purse and apply at the first sign of a pimple. The anti-bacterial and anti-acne recipe will make sure that nasty pimples don’t get a chance to spoil your day. Zit-Stik is safe to use, even on the day of the prom or formal.


If necessary keep this list somewhere handy so you can be confident and assured on the night of your prom. And one more tip, don’t forget to smile!

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