Fixaderm - Never Leave Home Without It!



Fixaderm is the perfect companion to have at home because of its amazing versatility in treating a variety of skin conditions such eczema and dermatitis, dry skin, scars and stretchmarks, minor burns, cuts and abrasions, insect bites and stings, chafing, prickly heat and ageing skin. However, don’t forget to pack it prior to travelling, because even with the best planning, emergencies still pop up.


Fixaderm is super handy and fits in every size travel bag, and large enough in power to warrant packing for every holiday and excursion. Here are some of the top reasons our customers never leave home without Fixaderm.




Stop Bacterial and Fungal Infections

Use it to avoid bacterial and fungal infection and alleviate the first signs of redness as you can never be 100% sure just how clean the showers are at your hotel or hoste.



Pain Relief

Trips and falls can happen anywhere, particularly when you are not familiar with the area or the path is slippery. Use Fixaderm on scraped knees to reduce pain and prevent further infection. Fixaderm has incredible healing properties to relieve pain from a cut or scratch.


Ease Sunburn

The Australian sun is harsh and unforgiving. Fixaderm can alleviate the distress from sun burn, whilst soothing the affected area/s, easing tender skin and prevent blistering and peeling.


Anti-itch Lotion

Whether your annoying itch is from an insect bite or sting, a heat rash from too much fun in the sun, or brushing past a native toxic plant on your hike that aggravates the skin - Fixaderm can lessen the soreness, itching and discomfort fast.


Cure Chafing

Chafing is caused when heat, moisture, bacteria and friction are present and is a common challenge for walking and hiking lovers. Fixaderm is the perfect solution to clear chafing and soothe the discomfort quickly. 


With 600 drops of potent healing properties in every bottle, Fixaderm makes the ideal first aid treatment to take on all your domestic and international trips.


Fixaderm Skin Repair is a proven multi-tasking formula containing 11 active and natural plant oils known to help relieve a wide range of skin conditions. Suitable for all skin types, the combination of tea tree, rose hip, patchouli, calendula and lavender plant oils make Fixaderm the perfect stand-alone antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal skin repair treatment that is safe to use for the whole family.

Fixaderm is listed with the TGA as an over the counter (OTC) medicine for:

  • Skin rashes such as eczema and dermatitis

  • Scars and stretchmarks

  • Minor burns (including sunburn)

  • Cuts and abrasions

  • Insect bites and stings

  • Chafing, prickly heat and other irritants

  • Ageing skin

  • It is soothing and non-greasy when applied to the body.

All of the products in the Necessity range are extracted without the use of chemical solvents, they are cold pressed or steam distilled and are completely free of petrochemicals and harmful substances and they are never tested on animals.


How to Use - Put a drop of Fixaderm on the finger-tip and dab it on or drip it directly on the spot to accelerate healing. Reapply night and morning until the blister has healed. For exposed blisters (or cuts or other injuries), where the oil would be quickly rubbed off by clothing or passing contacts, put a drop or two of Fixaderm on the pad of a bandaid and stick that over the affected area.


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