Quality and Purity

Necessity® Natural Skin Care Products are made from the highest quality plant extracts to assist in keeping the skin, lips, and nails in exceptional condition. 100% pure, 100% natural, 100% Australian Made and most importantly unadulterated; our ingredients are free of petrochemicals and are sourced from the most trusted essential oil and aromatherapy suppliers. 


How to know if you are purchasing ultimate, unadulterated purity


It’s all in a name…

This can be 1 of the simplest ways to look for quality. Whether you’re shopping online or in store, check to see if your oil includes not just the common name but the Latin name as well. E.g. when purchasing calendula oil look for the name Calendula Officinalis. If the Latin name isn’t there, this can be a key indication the essential oil you are purchasing is of poor quality and that instead, a synthetic scent has been added.

Not all plants are created equal…

Working with plants to consistently manufacture the highest quality skin repair products is not easy. Plants are highly complex and whilst they can look the same, their chemical components can vary greatly. A company should always test a sample of the oil that they wish to purchase before it’s purchased. Upon receiving the oil in bulk, it should again be tested to make sure that the oil sampled matches the oil that’s been purchased.


As a consumer of Necessity products you can check this as each of our products contains a batch code, that starts with the letter (you guessed it!) B. Additionally, if the oil is intended for therapeutic use, it is required to have TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) information listed on the product. This ensures that the claims are backed by the TGA; the Australian independent governing body for therapeutic goods.


Necessity’s commitment to quality is evidenced in every aspect of our business. From the rigorous sourcing and testing of raw materials through to gaining TGA approval for therapeutic application of our products.




Good quality essential oils should generally be purchased in a dark glass container, like the colours amber or dark blue as this protects the strong chemical compounds from heat, light and oxidation that can damage the oil. If your essential oil is contained within a plastic container it has a much higher chance of being subjected to heat and ultraviolet light which can cause negative changes in the chemical composition of the oil. Finally, if you’re purchasing your oil in person at a retail outlet such as a health food store, be sure that the bottles are in a cool place.

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