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Fixaderm is made of 11 natural oils – nothing else. No chemicals or mineral oils.  It is a 100 percent natural first aid, and you can use it on cuts, scratches, abrasions, burns and sunburn, insect bites and stings, rashes, prickly heat, chafing, acne, and fungal infections  – indeed, on most things that damage your skin from day to day.  It quickly reduces pain and discomfort, helps prevent infection, and promotes healing. It is non-greasy, as the plant oils are quickly absorbed into the skin.

Fixaderm is really good for people whose skin is damaged at work or sport.  It’s also good for children who get mozzie bites, because it stops the itching, so they don’t scratch and get infected, and it’s good for older people who have had their skin damaged by years of working in the sun.  Fixaderm is also great for reducing scars and stretch-marks and for moisturizing skin. You can use it every day to repair skin damage and to keep your skin in top condition…Buy Now

Bettaderm Natural Essential Oil Body Oil


Bettaderm is made from the same plant oils as Fixaderm, but with a lower concentration of the essential oils. It is designed to keep skin in a healthy condition, help prevent infections, and act as a moisturiser.

Users report that it is a lovely non-greasy skin conditioner, and that it also repels insects. It is designed for all-over use on all skin types. Since it is not marketed as a therapeutic product, it is not listed with the TGA and is sold in a 100mL bottle for better economy…Buy Now



Cold Sore Relief


Necessity Natural Cold Sore Relief is a blend of seven natural plant oils. The active oils, Tea tree and Eucalyptus Citriodora (lemon-scented gum), interact synergistically with the excipient oils (Camellia, Jojoba, Rosewood, Vetiver and Lavender) to provide a very effective defence against cold sores.  A number of people have reported excellent results after using Necessity Cold Sore Relief to treat shingles, hives, and mouth ulcers.

For those who regularly suffer from cold sores, it is recommended that in cold weather or in times of stress you, Necessity Cold Sore Relief is applied several times a week to areas where cold sores normally appear. Reports indicate this practice can prevent cold sores from occurring…Buy Now

Organic Lip Balms

Necessity Organic Lip Balms have been designed to give maximum protection against conditions that cause cracked, dry and sunburnt lips, without any harmful chemicals. It is important not to put any petroleum-based products on the lips, as these prevent moisturising by blocking the pores so plant oils cannot be absorbed into the lips.

When you use our Organic Lip Balms it is best not to anything except plant oils such as Fixaderm or Cold Sore Relief.

Necessity oil blends include only the best quality active essential oils, with pure carrier oils to enhance the effects of the essential oils and to moisturise and nourish the skin.

Our Organic Lip Balms and Zit-Stik, which must be firm enough to be used in twister tubes, include also a little organic beeswax, as well as plant oils such as Palm Oil and Shea Butter which are firm at room temperature. The ingredients of Necessity Organic Lip

Balms are Certified Organic (ACO), and the Palm oil is sourced from Colombia to ensure that no animals or their habitats have been destroyed in its production.

Necessity Organic Lip Balms are best stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight. They may be refrigerated, but should not be frozen. 

If the tube has been stored for some time, wipe the end of the stick to smooth the surface before applying the balm to the lips…Buy Now


Necessity Zit-Stik has been designed to provide help for those troubled by Zits (Acne and facial pimples), and it is packed in a convenient tube that can be easily carried in a pocket or handbag.  Like all Necessity products, it does not contain any petrochemicals (such as mineral oil or petroleum jelly) or other harmful additives such as formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol or paragons.

Necessity Zit-Stik is best stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight. It may be refrigerated, but should not be frozen.  If the tube has been stored for some time, wipe the end of the ‘stick’ to smooth the surface before applying the ‘stick’ to the zit…Buy Now


Necessity has managed to produce a deodorant that contains only plant-based ingredients  but is of a consistency that enables it to be applied via a roll-on device. This unique blend of plant oils without any chemicals or aluminium, is a most effective deodorant, reducing excessive sweating, while also destroying odour-producing bacteria.

Because this product is a blend of plant oils, if too much is applied it is possible that the oils may show on the under-arm fabric of shirts or blouses. To avoid this problem, apply sparingly, massage away (or wipe off) excess, and allow a few minutes before dressing, to enable oils to be absorbed. If, over time, oils do show, work a few drops of eucalyptus oil into fabric and wash in warm water with a good detergent…Buy Now


Necessity is now a distributor for 98alive, a product made by removing the toxic elements from Tea Tree oil, making it safe to take internally as a capsule.

It is very effective for a variety of fungal, bacterial and viral infections…Read more

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