Ultimate Cold Sore Fighting Pack

Ultimate Cold Sore Fighting Pack


We have created the Ultimate Natural Cold Sore Fighting Pack. The pack includes our trusted Natural Cold Sore Relief and Nature's Own Double Strength Cold Sore Relief. Combining these powerful and clinically proven products is essential to deliver 100%, holistic support from the inside out. The fact is, when you take care of the inside, the outside has the very best chance of taking care of itself. Support your health at a deeper, cellular level with our natural Cold Sore Fighting pack today!

Necessity Cold Sore Relief 


Our top selling 100% natural cold sore relief is a powerful therapeutic blend of 7 active plant-based oils to treat, prevent and provide sympotmatic relief from cold sores fast. Our fast-acting formula includes the likes of Tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and Lavender oil.


Nature's Own Double Strength Cold Sore Relief 


This convenient one-a-day cold sore relief formula provides a double-strength dose of lysine. What is lysine? Lysine is an essential amino acid and one of the prime building blocks of protein. Lysine is not only essential to many of our body’s functions, it is also commonly known for its action fighting the common cold sore (Herpes simplex Virus). Lysine is antagonistic to Herpes viruses, and taking lysine at the first sign of symptoms can help to reduce the severity and healing time of a cold sore. It can also be taken preventatively to reduce the frequency and severity of cold sore outbreaks. 


Ingredients: Lysine hydrochloride 1000mg

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