Necessity Natural Cold Sore Relief 10ml

Necessity Natural Cold Sore Relief 10ml

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Natural Cold Sore Relief is a proven and powerful 100% natural therapeutic blend of 7 active plant-based oils. Whilst other products rely on only 1 oil, our combination of several, therapeutic plant based oils treat, prevent and provide symptomatic relief from cold sores fast.  Made in Australia, Certified Organic & Vegan,


  • Lavender and eucalyptus provide relief from the discomfort and pain of cold sores.
  • Camellia and Jojoba to heal and nourish the skin fast.
  • Tea tree oil that contains a number of compounds, including terpinen-4-ol, that can kill certain bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Contains no petroleum, mineral oil products or harmful chemicals that can act as skin irritants and intensify skin conditions.
  • Listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration as an over the counter (OTC) treatment for the symptomatic relief from the discomfort and pain of cold sores. 
  • May help to prevent an outbreak taking hold and prevent future cold sore outbreaks.


Safe for use bythe whole family, this soothing treatment can be applied directly to cold sores, shingles and hives.



How to use Necessity Cold Sore Relief:

At the first sign of cold sore symptoms (tingling, burning or itching), place 1-2 drops on the finger tip and apply to the affected area 3 or 4 times daily. Repeat after meals, at bedtime and on waking until no sign of the sore remains. For fully developed sores, use 1 or 2 drops several times a day until no sign remains. To help prevent outbreaks, apply a few drops two or three times a week to areas prone to cold sores.


Use during pregnancy:

There is no research evidence indicating any problems associated with the use of any ingredients in Necessity Cold Sore Relief when used during pregnancy in the amounts used in our formula.


  • 100% natural and safe; no dangerous petro-chemicals, parabens, glycol, silicone, or other synthetics.
  • Regular use may inhibit further cold sore outbreaks.
  • Very cost-effective. Less than eight cents per drop, one drop per application, 200 drops per bottle. Applying at first sign of cold sore can prevent outbreak for less than $1. (Two drops per application may be needed if large sore has already formed).
  • A ‘stand alone’ product. Nothing else needed.
  • Packed in dripper bottle; no spillage; no cross-contamination.
  • The only 100% natural cold sore treatment made in Australia.
  • Has a three-year shelf life.
  • Necessity Natural Cold Sore Relief carries a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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