Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli essential oil helps speed the healing process of cuts and wounds, and also hastens the fading of scars. It is similarly effective in eliminating marks left by pimples, acne, pox, and measles. It has been known to help in the treatment of eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and sores.

Properties of patchouli essential oil promote growth by stimulating the generation of new cells and are particularly good at regenerating new skin cells, keeping the skin looking healthy, young and vibrant. It has also been found to be effective at inhibiting fungal growth and infections, providing protection from some notorious infections like athlete’s foot. It also protects wounds and ulcers from developing infections and becoming septic. The strong sweet, spicy and musky aroma of this essential oil eliminates and masks body odours.

Necessity® products are made from the highest quality ingredients and are sourced from a trusted essential oil supplier. Our patchouli essential oil is 100% pure and extracted using only the most delicate methods to preserve the unique signatures of the plant. Further details are available upon request.

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