Skin Problems and Treatments

The skin is our bodies largest organ of detoxification and through it we have a tremendous capacity to take in nutrients, and also, excrete toxins. It is our bodies first line of defence and guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs.


Because it connects with our environment, the skin plays a vital role in protecting the body against things such as pathogens and excessive water loss. Its other crucial functions include insulation and temperature regulation, sensation and helping the body in the synthesis of vitamin D.


Whilst the skin is a protective covering for the body, it is very absorbent, and whatever you put on the skin has potential to end up in the bloodstream and be carried throughout the body. This ability of the skin to absorb what is put on it makes it possible to use many substances to help treat various skin and body conditions by simply rubbing the substance on the skin.


However, it is also the case that some substances (e.g. petroleum-based products such as mineral oils and Vaseline) are not absorbed into the skin, and instead they block the pores and stop the skin from breathing and absorbing moisture and other potentially therapeutic substances. For this reason, at Necessity we never use petroleum-based products, and we recommend that before applying Necessity products you thoroughly cleanse the skin from all mineral oil or petroleum-based products so the plant oils can be quickly absorbed into the skin to effectively deal with the problems they are designed to treat.


Keeping the skin healthy is just as important as keeping it beautiful. Fortunatly we can achieve both health and beauty when we use the highest quality ingredients in the cosmetic and therapeutic skin products, brought to you by Necessity.


At Necessity we use only ingredients that promote the health and well-being of the skin and body, so you can use Necessity products with confidence, knowing you are using safe and effective 100% plant based oils.


Plant Extracts

Many manufacturers of skin products use plant extracts. These extracts are made from various parts of the plant and do not involve separating the oils from the other parts of the plant. They can also involve fermentation to activate substances within the plant.


Plant extracts have been found to be effective in dealing with some skin conditions. Possibly the most commonly known extracts are pawpaw and aloe-vera extracts however, one disadvantage of these preparations is that they typically require a range of chemical additives to stabilize and preserve the integrity of the products.


Necessity does not use plant extracts as we prefer to use therapeutic oils that require no chemical additives and preservatives and can be completely absorbed into the skin, without residue remaining on the surface of the skin.


What is an Essential Oil?

If you have ever enjoyed the fragrance of a plant or flower, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils as it is the essential oil that gives a plant its distinctive fragrance.


Essential oils are contained in plants to help protect the plant against a wide range of environmental conditions such as bacteria, fungi and viruses as well as larger organisms like bugs that may want to eat the plants. Plants that thrive in places where these environmental conditions and organisms prosper contain essential oil elements to protect plants from this type of invasion. It is these substances that are of tremendous interest to scientists looking for ways to treat the many physical and emotional ailments that can distress people.

Different to what the name suggests – an essential oil is not really an oil. It isn’t greasy like an oil and it won’t leave oil stains. Parts of plants (e.g. seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers etc) are involved in chopping, grinding and crushing and then distilled, usually through a steam extraction to become a highly concentrated product essential oil product. It takes a LOT of plant matter to make a small amount of oil; think a minimum of 50kgs of plant for ½ kg of essential oil. This obviously makes the essential oils very, VERY concentrated and relatively expensive as the amount of oils recovered can be quite small.  


As essential oils are extremely concentrated, they are normally too expensive or too irritating to be used directly on the skin without dilution. The usual practice is to blend essential oils with cold-pressed plant oils to produce products which provide all the benefits of essential oils without being too expensive or causing irritation. While cold-pressed oils contain many valuable components, it is the essential oils which are extremely useful in aromatherapy; the science of using essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Additionally, the molecular structure of these essential oils, allow them to be passed through certain normal barriers within the body, allowing them to reach the places in the body to carry out their work.


The quality of the essential oil can vary greatly depending on the season and weather the plant grows in, the geographic location of the plant, the method and duration of distillation, the soil the plant was grown in, making every step of the production process a critical factor in the overall class of the finished product. 


Many manufacturers of plant-oil-based skin products choose 1 plant-based oil, or 1 essential oil blended with a carrier oil. Products designed in this capacity can be effective, however, the application of these types of products is somewhat limited to the specific condition the oil is suited for.


At Necessity, we combine a potent blend of several of the highest quality essential oils, to create multi-tasking formulas that work synergistically to enhance the therapeutic benefits of a vast range of skin conditions.

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