Our Story

Necessity Natural Skin Care is the trading name for Toowoomba Maranatha Discretionary Trust., a business established to support the Glenvale Adventist Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Centre and the Darling Downs Christian School with its emphasis on health and its programs to help those with learning disabilities.

Necessity began in 2008, and uses Naturopath Peter Bamford’s formulas to produce a range of skin care products to improve the health of the Toowoomba community, and it plans to spread the benefits to the wider Australian community at large. The products themselves improve skin health, and the funds raised by the business will be used to improve all aspects of health via the Health Wellness and Lifestyle Centre to be established in Toowoomba.

The managing Director of Necessity is Dr Allen Sonter, an Educator who has spent over 40 years working to help the people of the South Pacific Islands region.  He works with Peter Bamford to make Peter’s amazing formulas into products to benefit the community.

As with any business, many people work to make the business successful.  The Directors, employees, consultants, service providers, volunteers, contractors, product distributors, sales representatives and retail outlets are all part of the team that works together to make the business successful. And in the case of Necessity, we wish to acknowledge that we are driven by Christian principles, and our goal is to make the world a better and healthier place in which to live. We ask God to guide in all we do, and we live by the Golden Rule – treat others as you would like to be treated. We invite you to do business with us and hold us accountable to live up to our claims.

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