Necessity has perfected the process of creating multi-tasking formulas that work as stand-alone skin repair. Our formulas fight, prevent and heal many skin disorders.

Plant Oils

Many manufacturers of plant-oil-based skin products choose 1 essential oil blended with a plant, or carrier oil. Products designed in this capacity can be effective, however; the application of these types of products is somewhat limited to the specific condition the oil is suited for.

Necessity utilises the synergistic blend of a number of plant oils to provide more healing properties than can be achieved by any 1 ingredient alone...

Necessity Plant Oils

At Necessity, we combine a potent blend of several of the highest quality plant oils, to create multi-tasking formulas that work synergistically to enhance the therapeutic benefits of a vast range of skin disorders.

The molecular structure of these plant oils, allow them to be passed through certain normal barriers within the body, allowing them to reach the places in the body to carry out their work...

Therefore, our products are the multi-vitamins for your bodies skin and provide practical plant-based first aid and prevent and stop infection.


100% pure, 100% natural, 100% effective, our multi-tasking formulas contain no petroleum or mineral oil products, meaning they do not contain any harmful chemicals that can act as skin irritants and intensify skin conditions.

Plant Extracts

Many manufacturers of skin products use plant extracts. These extracts are made from various parts of the plant and do not involve separating the oils from the other parts of the plant. They can also involve fermentation to activate substances within the plant.


Plant extracts have been found to be effective in dealing with some skin conditions. Possibly the most commonly known extracts are pawpaw and aloe-vera extracts however, one disadvantage of these preparations is that they typically require a range of chemical additives to stabilize and preserve the integrity of the products.


Necessity does not use plant extracts as we prefer to use therapeutic oils that require no chemical additives and preservatives and can be completely absorbed into the skin, without residue remaining on the surface of the skin.

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