Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the kernel of mature coconuts from the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). Because of its high saturated fat content, it is slow to oxidize and has a shelf life of up to two years without spoiling. Coconut oil has many beneficial properties when used on the skin. It is a good moisturiser, and is helpful when used on dry skin. It increases tolerance to the sun, and helps avoid burning. It also helps heal sunburn. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, is a natural deodorant, helps with cold sores, and reduces itching from insect bites.

Necessity products are made using the highest quality ingredients. Our cold-pressed coconut oil is 100% pure, natural and unadulterated and has been sourced from an established and trusted essential oil and aromatherapy supplier. Further details are available upon request.

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