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November 28, 2016

Preventing breakouts from occurring is trial and error for most acne sufferers. There are many brands on the market which claim to improve acne and stop it from happening, yet fail to deliver effective results. Even though acne is caused principally by a mix of hormone...

November 23, 2016

8 Ways to Stop Pimple Outbreaks Before Formal or Prom

You don’t want to let a few pimples or blackheads get in the way of looking or feeling your best at your prom night or formal. To avoid a pimple outbreak, here are some simple measures to make sure you are the belle...

November 21, 2016

Insect bites and stings can cause no end of frustration and keep you awake all hours of the night. The best solution to the problem is to keep a bottle of Fixaderm on hand in the medicine cabinet. A few drops of Fixaderm massaged into the site of the sting or bite norm...

November 17, 2016

If you are going to purchase one product for your medicine cabinet or dressing table, then we recommend our very own Fixaderm Skin Repair Oil. The results seem to speak for themselves, and as a 100% natural first aid repair oil, it is safe for adults, children and even...

November 17, 2016

You never quite know when a first aid kit will come in handy for life’s little curveballs. From coughs to cuts, having a natural first aid kit on hand can save time and money. There is no need to resort to medication for every ailment, particularly when natural remedie...

November 11, 2016

Getting an underarm rash is quite common when you use mainstream deodorant brands. In fact, cosmetics such as deodorants are one of the leading causes of irritation and allergies.

The underarm area of the body is extremely sensitive and quite prone to skin irritation an...

November 7, 2016


Acne scarring can be quite embarrassing for those who suffer from the issue. While some acne marks may fade over time, others remain a more permanent reminder of teen acne or pigmentation issues over the years. However, the great news for those looking for a more na...

November 7, 2016

Stretch marks can occur in your teens as your body develops and grows, when you are pregnant, or from a rapid weight gain at any age. They can appear on the abdomen, waist, hips, breasts, lower back, arms, buttock or thigh area and look like stripes or streaks on the s...

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October 22, 2019

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