Brown essential oil glass bottles on woodThere are many brands of essential oils on the market, and it is easy to assume that because they are sold over the counter without prescriptions, they are 100% safe. However, this is not at all the case.
While essential oils are indeed natural, what you may not realise is that they are extremely potent. Mixing oils at home can be a dangerous exercise if you don’t have a sound understanding of the characteristics of oils you are working with.

Essential oils might be too strong

Some oils are stronger than others, and without knowing this, you may end up creating an oil which is just too potent to use. Essential oils are typically added to what are called carrier oils, which are normally cold pressed from the fruit or seeds of trees or shrubs that are grown for their oil. Carrier oils are much less potent than essential oils, and in most cases can be safely used on the skin without dilution. Some carrier oils, such as olive oil, peanut oil, palm oil and soya oil, are widely used in the production of foods. To err on the side of caution, it is always best to limit the amount of essential oils you add to carrier oils to less than 10% of any blend you make.

Essential oils have quite varied characteristics

You may love the smell of Lavender, Myrrh, Geranium and Rose; however, did you know that they all have a tendency to counteract dry skin? Those with oily skin may find such a combination not suitable for their skin. Likewise, oils which are ideal for combatting oily skin may be too drying on those with already dry skin. It pays to do your research first.

Essential oils can create an allergic reaction

As essential oils are extremely concentrated, they can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. Do not mix oils without testing each oil individually first (by putting a drop of . Some oils such as peppermint are not suitable for young children, so select your oils carefully to take into account allergies and risks. Never use undiluted essential oil directly on the skin and always make sure these oils are blended with a carrier oil, so they are safe to use directly on the skin.
Mixing essential oils can be difficult which is why it is best to leave it to the professionals and purchase pre-blended mixes.

About Necessity Natural Skin Care Oils

Necessity Natural Skin Care oils are specially blended by our highly experienced naturopath to complement each other and are extracted without the use of chemical solvents. They are safe for use by all skin types, even for those with sensitive skin.

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