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Necessity Natural Skin Care

Necessity Natural Skin Care products are made in Australia. They are 100% natural and made from the highest quality plant oils, including pure essential oils. Our formulas are based on the best principles of aromatherapy, and our therapeutic products contain a range of oils to relieve skin problems, provide practical plant-based first aid, and prevent infection. The oils are quickly absorbed into the skin and are soothing, non-greasy and fast acting, and interact in synergy to enhance their effectiveness.

Our natural skin care products are free from all harmful substances, and no animal testing is involved in their development. We understand that no animal habitats are destroyed to produce the oils.

Our products include:

Fixaderm Skin Repair: Used as a natural first aid to heal cuts, abrasions, minor burns, bites, stings, rashes, chafing and sunburn.

Natural Cold Sore Relief: For the symptomatic relief of cold sores.

Zit-Stik: Anti-acne and anti-bacterial treatment for pimples.

Organic Lip Balm: Organic nourishing lip balms in orange, mandarin and lemon flavours.

Please download our e-brochure for more detailed information.